Prescription Packaging


  • Ultra-brilliance shine and high transparency refill in time
  • Three piece construction to ensure better moisture resistance.
  • LDP liner ensures better protection against moisture.
  • Meets CPC Tight requirements.
  • Meets USP Light requirements.
  • Meets CPSC Senior adult requirements.
  • Child resistant caps to avoid accidential poisining of children


  • Huge, fully computer controlled production facility ensures quality and consistency.
  • Scalable, high speed production equipment provides huge capacity – upto 5 million vials/day.
  • In-house tool room for mold making and customization of product line.
  • Ultra-high speed printing equipment can print caps at the rate of 2500/minute.
  • Advance materials technology ensures the use of state of the art materials and plastics.


  • Vials and caps are sold seperately.
  • Easy inventory control by buying required components seperately.
  • Custom imprinted caps provide the feeling of personalization.
  • Convinent pack to avoide seperate purchase of vials and caps.
  • Huge inventory to meet client’s requirements.

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