About Us

Panatec is a minority own, registered with Federal Government, a world-class technology company providing Solar Energy Solutions, Software solutions and services, Manufacturing Solutions. At Panatec, we provide value added services in consulting, project outsourcing, systems management and packaged software solutions areas. We take great pride in presenting our customers with cost effective solutions and services without compromising on quality. Panatec is located in Manalapan, New Jersey. Our highly qualified employees and independent consultants provide onsite-consulting services to their customers within the tri-state area (NY, NJ, and CT), across the United States and around the world.

Jay PanchalProject management20 years, 50+ Projects
Software Engineering20 years, 50+ Systems
Electrical Design25 years, 180+ Projects
Soil Testing35 years
Structure Design30 years, 35+ Systems
Snehal PanchalSoftware Engineering15 years, 40+ Systems
Grid Interconnection and monitoring15 years, 70+ Systems
PV Plant Testing5 years, 45+ Systems
C. M. PanchalPower Plant Commissioning40 years, 200+ Systems
Pre-connection Acceptance Testing40 years, 200+ Systems
Power Plant Testing40 years, 100+ Systems
Foundation Laying, Structure Deployment5 years, 85+ Systems
Electrical Cabling5+ years, 100+ Systems
Panel Installation5+ years, 125+ Systems
25+ Assembly WorkerPanel Installation3+ years, 100+ Systems
10+ Machine OperatorsPile Drivers, Trenchers, Concrete Foundation10+ years, 50+ Systems
20+ General LaborGeneral Labor10+ years, 50+ Systems

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